Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants as part of horticulture. It is considered by many people to be a relaxing activity.

Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo

Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo

Our Products List

3 Point Fruit Picker – 1.8m
Black Rat Glue Tray X 2
Bronze – Elbow 45 12mm Nozzle
Brush Natural Bristles
Brush Wooden Oval Large
Bt Eco Round Pot 21×18.5cm Tc
Bt Eco Round Pot 24x21cm Tc
Bt Eco Round Pot 30×26.5cm Tc
Bt Fioreira 60x17cm
Bt Fioreira Saucer 60x17cm
Bt Round Saucer 14cm Tc
Bt Round Saucer 16cm Tc
Bt Round Saucer 18cm Tc
Bt Round Saucer 20 Cm Tc
Bt Round Saucer 28cm Tc
Bt Round Saucer 30cm Tc
Bt Similcotto Balconetta 80cm
Bt Similcotto Balconette 82×20
Bt Similcotto Round Saucer35cm
Bt Similcotto Round Saucer40cm
Bt Similicotto Round Pot 35cm
Bt Similicotto Spazzolato 22cm
Bt Similicotto Spazzolato 30cm
Bt Similicotto Spazzolato 35cm
Bt Similicotto Spazzolato 40cm
Bt Similicotto Spazzolato 45cm
Bt Similicotto Spazzolato 40cm
Bt Thermo. Ound Pot 11cm Tc
Bt Watering Can 5lt Green
Coco X 500g
Connector De 50
Cs Wooden Stakes 4cm Cyl. 2m
Cs Wooden Stakes 5cm Cyl. 2m
Cylinder For Bucks
Cylinder Mythos Pot 70cm
Di Ball Valve 1′ ‘ M/f 55415
Di Ball Valve Pp 1 1/2’ ‘ 55403
Di Cock Offtake F/drip Tape 10×17
Di Drip Sitape 4 2300m/7500ft
Di Drip Sitape 4 250m/800ft
Di Dripper Adjustable 0-70lt/hr
Di Elbow Lk 32×32 51903
Di Elbow Lk 40×40 51904
Di Elbow Locked 32×32 40804
Di Elbow Normal 16×16 53801
Di Filter Plastic 1’ ‘ 55801
Di Joiner F/drip Tape 17×17 54608
Di Joiner Lk 32×32 40404
Di Joiner Lk Simple 16mm 51105
Di Joiner Lk Simple 32mm 51102

Di Offtake Lk 32x1m 40110
Di Pipe 16mm Pn6
Di Punch Tool 3.5mm 59001
Di Socket 1.25×1.25f 53303
Di Socket 1.5×1.5f 53304
Di Socket 2′ ‘x2’ ‘f 53305
Di Tee Lk 50×1.5fx50 41213
Di Tee Lk 63×2.5mx63 41115
Di Tee Lk Simpl 32x32x32 51303
Di Tee Lk Simpl 40x40x40 51305
Di Thrd Joiner 16×0.5 53201
Ducale Terracotta
Dui Punch Tool 12mm 59010
Dumbell, Vinyl, 15cm
Dumbell, Vinyl, 15cm
Dumbell, Vinyl, 19cm
Dumbell, Vinyl, 25cm
Ergostim Nk X 200cc
Flower Cleaner X 300ml
Folding Fence X 8 Panels
Garden 3/4 Coupling
Garden Digging Trowel Wide
Garden Mini Hoe/fork
Garden Quick Fit Coupling
Garden Transplanting  Narrow
Gardena Extendable Lopper 8772
Gardena Hedge Shear Art.398
Gardena Ratchet Pruner Art8798
Gate Springs
Geranium Plant Food X 570g
Green Raincoat Xl
Green Raincoat Xxl
Green Windbreaker 1.0cm X 50mt
Hand Saw Felco 620
Hozelock Standard 5lt Sprayer
Hozelock Standard 7lt Sprayer
Hump Drinker 2400
I. R. Lamps
Imprint X 250ml (confidor)
Insect Trap ‘trapper’
Ip Hose Con 60f 12401
Ip Hose Con F 80×60 12420
Large Tip-trap Mouse Trap
Leyat Blade Diy Master & Gla
Leyat Blade Folding Saw Lu-k15
Leyat Folding Saw Lu-k15
Leyat  Pruner & Scissors Kit
Leyat Multipurpose Small Scissors
Leyat Pruner Diy Master
Metal Grooming Rake Short Hair
Miglior Litter X 5kg
Mini Drinkers 464
Miracle-gro Plant Food Liquid

Miracle-gro X 2kg
Needle Teeth 15ins Pruning Saw
New Adj Hose Nozzle
Nfz Acti Zanza Spray X 750ml
Nfz Acti Zanza Stick Box X 5
Nfz Special One 600ml
Nfz Zanza Break Insecticide
Nylon F/grasscutter 15mt 2mm
Nylon F/grasscutter 56mt 3mm
Nylon F/grasscutter 90mt 2.4mm
Nylon F/grasscutter 37mt 3mm
Nylon F/grasscutter 32m 3.5mm
Nylon F/grasscutter 15m 2.4mm
Opinel 10 Vrn
Opinel 12 Vrn
Opinel 6 Vri St/st
Opinel 7 Vri St/st
Opinel 8 Vri St/st
Opinel Garden Knife
Opinel Knife 212 Stainless Steel
Opinel Knife No.6
Opinel Knife No.7
Opinel Knife No.8
Organic Cat Litter X 18ltr
Organic Ferro Pellets X 25kg
Peas Dorian 1 Kg Pack
Peas Dorian 500 Gr Pack
Peas Utrillo 1 Kg Pack
Polythene – 60cm Holes 60cm
Polythene – 1.8m Wide 0.04mm
Pruning Saw X 15inch Wooden Ha
Pruning Shear
Punnets 1kg Pet
Punnets 250gr X 2600pc
Punnets 350gr X 2700
Pupi Piu Nappies 50pz
Pvc Pipe X 10mm X 100mt
Repair Tape Greenhouse Cover
Ronka No 10 Sss.large
Rooting Powder X 100g
Round Mirror With Chrome Rim
Rubber Boots
Rubber Boots Short
Rubber Massage Block
Rubber Muzzle
Safety Googles
Score 25ec X 250ml
Senegal X 30lts
Seplant X 100gr
Seplant X 1kg
Seplant X 250gr
Seplant X 500gr

Silver Sprinkler
Sk Filter 200 A1p1
Sk Filter F/selecta & Silicone
Sk Filter 230 A2b2p3 43410627
Sk Gloves M3 Xl
Sk Mask C607
Sk Polimask 102-ef+vs
Slats X 2m
Slicker Brush
Soft Matresses
Solfac Gel Scarafaggi Box
Solo Hanjet 473
Sp Duster Type Plastic
Sp Knapsack Sprayer Venus 16
Sp Pressure Sprayer Jupiter 6
Speed France 4 Lines
Speed France A Lines Nylon Ha
Speedy Padded Harness 30m
Spirit 5 Ts
Sprayer 462 X 7.5lt
Spring X 84mm
Sps Jupiter 6 – O-ring Piston
Sps Venus 16 Hose W. Connectio
Square Tubing X 4 Meters
Square Wooden Handle X 40mm
Stomoxin X 100ml
Stoppers X 10mm
Substrate Sow & Y. Plant 140lt
Sx2064 Sprayer X 1ltr
Syringe 3p X10ml
Tail Paper 25×1″m
Tail Paper 32×1″m
Tanita Digital Scale Kd 407
Tap Trap
Tarssus X 1ltr
Tarssus X 250ml
Tee De 50g
Tees X 10mm
Tools – Hoe Without Handle
Tools – Lexxuna Blue
Tools – Rake 14teeth
Uniflex Pruner 864362
Victory Fly Catcher X 4rolls
Zig Zag Cit. & Ger Indoor 790
Zig Zag Cit. Cdl Indoor 782
Zig Zag Cit. Cdl Outdoor 787
Zig Zag Citronella Pot 786
Zig Zag Heater For Maths
Zig Zag Insecticidal Spiral
Zig Zag Insettivia No Gas Blu
Zig Zag Insettivia Tiger Mosou