Winemaking or vinification is the production of wine, starting with the selection of the fruit, its fermentation into alcohol, and the bottling of the finished liquid. The history of wine-making stretches over millennia. The science of wine and winemaking is known as oenology.

Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo

Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo

Our Products List

Antiflor Per Bag
Bag. Agglo Corks X 100
Bot. Marasca 250ml
Bot. Marasca 750ml
Bottle Brush W/tip
Bottle Now Specific Gravit
Campden Tablets (100's)
Citric Acid X 100gr
Citric Acid X 1kg
Corks X 100 Agglomerated
Crown Corks 26mm 100pcs/bag
D/john Washer W/brush 35/54
Damigiana 10bl
Damigiana 25lt
Damigiana 54lt
Detersol Ltr

Fermotan Tannin X 50gr
Ferrari Roating 81 Bottle Hol
Hand Crown Corking Machine
Hydrometer Jar
Kg Riduxhigh X 1kg
Kwik Clear Finings
Minifloor Corker
Pectolase 32grm Drum
Rubber Bung 25mm
Rubber Bung 27mm
Rubber Bung 39mm
Rubber Bung 49mm
Rubber Bung Cap. Diam. 60mm
Rubber Bung Cap. Diam. 65mm
Shrink Capsules
Fermotan Tannin X 50gr

Tannisol Preservative Tube
Tartaric Acid X 1kg
Thermometer 12" (spirit)
Vaseline Oil 1000cc
Wash Brush W/soft Plast
Water-powered Bottle Washer
Wine & Beer Hydrometer
Yeast Byosal 1+2
Yeast Nutrient Drum 100grm
Youngs Wine Sweetner 550ml
Youngs Wine Sweetner 57ml
Wine - Demijohn 15lt
Wine - Demijohn 20lt
Wine - Demijohn 5lt
Wine - Hydrometer
Wine - Large Thermometer
Wine - Plastic Airlock

Wine - Plastic Cap For Demijohn
Wine - Rubber Cup 50mm For Dj's
Wine - Rubber Cup 64mm For Dj
Wine - Solid Rubber Bung 25mm
Wine - Solid Rubber Bung 39mm
Wine - Solid Rubber Bung 49mm
Wine - Thermometer Hygrometer
Wine - Vinometer Small
Funnel 16cm
Funnel 21cm
Funnel 25cm
Funnel 38cm
Funnel 32cm
Damigian Lt 34 Bl Con Plastic
Damigian 15bl Con Plastic
Damigian Lt 20 Bl Con Plastica
Damigian Lt 25 Bl Con Plastic