Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo

The cat or domestic cat (Felis catus) is a small carnivorous mammal. It is the only domesticated species in the family Felidae. The cat is either a house cat, kept as a pet, or a feral cat, freely ranging and avoiding human contact. A house cat is valued by humans for companionship and for its ability to hunt rodents. About 60 cat breeds are recognized by various cat registries.

Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo

Our Products List

4 Rolls Of Plastic Bag/20 Pcs Each
A 550 Cat Scratcher Small
A 550 Cat Scratcher Small
A 550/a Cat Scratcher Pole Lare
A550/ A Cat Scratcher Pole Lare
Ab206 Pressed Bone 25 Cm
Ab260/arollws/chicken 30 Pcs 12
Acana Cat X 1,8kg
Advocate Spot On Lrg Cat 4-8kg
Ae008 Dental Bones X 2pcs
Ageing +12 X 400g
Ageing 12+ X 2kg
Almo Jelly 100 Gr Salmon
Alpha Hydro Mattress Grey Large
Alpha Hydro Mattress Grey Large
Amity Eco Cats Dry Food X 20 Kg
Amity Hydro Mattress Grey Large
Amo Jelly 100 Gr Salmon
Appetite Cat Food
Baby Cat 34 X 2kg
Baby Cat X 4 Kg
Baby Cat X 400 Gr
Bayer Advantage Gatti 40 To4kg
Bayer Advantage Gatti 80 + 4 Kg
Bayer Drontal Tablets Cat
Ben 360 Cat X 20 Kg
Ben Mainecoon X 2 Kg
Ben Siamese
Bm Clumping Cat Litter X 10kg
Bm Spot On Wormer 2 Tubes
Bm Springfresh Litter Freshner
Buffy Cat Litter Tray
Cat & Co Chunks X 400 Grms
Cat & Co Pate X 100 Gr
Cat & Co Tuna X 2 Kg
Cat & Co X 20 Kg
Cat Chow Rabbit & Liver 15 Kg
Cat Chow Turkey & Chicken 15 Kg
Cat Comb De Luxe
Cat Daily Adult X 10kg
Cat Flea Repellant Shampoo
Cat Food X 4g
Cat Harness Comfort
Cat Litter Large W Diaper
Cat Litter X 30ltr
Cat Toy Yt4172
Cat Zone 5kg Baby Powder
Cat Zone X 20kg
Catosal X 100ml
Cavia Easy 82
Cf Moustache 32 X 100g
Cluc Croc X 20kg
Clumping Litter X 20kg
Color Litter 1.8kg
D015 Sassy Velvet Cat Collar

D131 Plastic Muzzle Size 3
D133 Plastic Mussle Size 5
Defence Dog & Cat X 300ml
Digestive Car X 400gr
Esquisita Rotolinis 120g/12cm
F038 Nylon Collar 12x380mm
Fcn Intense Hairball X 400g
Fcn Light X 400g
Fcn Urinary Care 2kg
Fcn Urinary Care 400gr
Fishy’s Salmon Oil X 500ml
Fit 32 X 10 Kg
Fit 32 X 15 Kg
Fit 32 X 2 Kg
Fit 32 X 4 Kg
Fit 32 X 400g
Friendly Cat Dry Chi/duc X 20 Kg
Frontline 6 Pack Combo Lrg
Frontline 6 Pack Combo Medium
Frontline 6 Pack Combo Xlr
Frontline Cat X 3 Vial
Frontline Combo Dog M X 3 Vial
Frontline Spray 100ml
Frontline Spray Large
Frontline Tri-act ( 40 – 60 Kg)
Frontline Tri-act ( 5 – 10 Kg)
Frontline Tri-act (10 -20 Kg)
Frontline Tri-act (2-5kg)
Giampet Cat Sticks
Giant Bunny Bootles
Gormet Perle Salmon 85 G
Gourmet Gold 4×8 5g
Gourmet Perle Coniglio 85 G
Gourmet Perle Manzo 85 G
Gourmet Perle Pollo 85 G
Gourmet Std 4×19 Gr
Gulliver 3 Iata
Hair & Skin X 2kg
Hair & Skin X 400g
Hills Feline X 1,5kg
Indoor + 7 X 1.5 Kg
Indoor 27 X 10 Kg
Indoor 27 X 2 Kg
Indoor 27 X 400g
Indoor 27 X 4kg
Instinctive Mousse 195g
Instinctive Wet In Jelly 85g In Box
Intense Hairball X 10 Kg
Intense Hairball X 2 Kg
Italian Cat Beef 24×405 G
Kitcat Cat Litter X 10 L
Kitten 36 X 2 Kg
Kitten 36 X 4 Kg
Kitten 36 X 400 G
Kitten Persian 32 X 2 Kg

Lactol Kitty Milk X 200gr
Lara Ad Beef X 2 Kg
Lara Ad Chick/turkey X2 Kg
Lara Ad Fish X 10kg
Lara Ad Fish/salmon X 2 Kg
Lara Ad Indoor X 2 Kg
Lara Ad Sterilized X 10kg
Lara Ad Sterilized X 2kg
Lara Ad Urinary Care X 2kg
Lara Junior X 2kg
Lara Pouch Jun In Gra 100gx4
Life Cat X 70g
Light 40 X 2 Kg
Litter Selection X 7.6 L
Litter Selections X 16l
Lovely Cat Classic X 20 Kg
M.stick 5 X 9-10 Mm/100 Pcs
Mackarel-tomato Sauce 100x155g
Malt Paste Duo
Medium Dermacomfort X 3kg
Medium Digestive Care X 15 Kg
Medium Digestive Care X 3kg
Medium Junior X 1kg
Medium Mature +7 X 4kg
Medium Sterilised X 3kg
Mini Ageing +12 X 1.5 Kg
Mini Dermacomfort X 10kg
Mini Dermacomfort X 2kg
Mini Digestive Care X 2kg
Mini Mix X 500g
Mini Sterilised X 2kg
Oasy Dry Cat X 300gr
Oasy Dry Cat X1.5kg
Oasy Wet Cat X 150gr
Orijen Cat & Kitten 5.4kg
Perle Duo Salmone & Merlu 85g
Persian 30 X 10 Kg
Persian 30 X 2 Kg
Persian 30 X 4kg
Pouch Cij Beef X 100g
Prin Kitchen S Best Cat 415g
Prince Kitchen S Best Dog 415g
Princess Cat 415 Gr Fish
Princess Cat 415 Gr Beef
Princess Cat 415 Gr Chick & Tur
Princess Cat 415 Gr Rabbit
Princess Elite Litter X 20 Kg
Princess Fusion 70g Pacific
Princess Litter Elite X 5 Kg
Princess Maintenance X 15 Kg
Princess One Colour Prem. 20 Kg
Princess Pate Cat 100 Gr Chick
Princess Pate Cat 400 Gr
Princess Premium X 170 Gr
Pro Bristle And Pin Brush 2 In
Proline Adult Cat Chicken 15kg

Sanal Anti Hairball Bites Cup 75g
Sanal Cheesecup 75 G
Sanal Salmon Bites Cup 75 G
Sch Cat Maint Fish 1500g
Sensible 33 X 2 Kg
Sensible 33 X 4 Kg
Sheba Pch 12×85
Sheba Pch 65x50gx8
Sheba X85g
Sinoma Litter Natural X 10 Kg
Sinoma Litter Natural X 5 Kg
Snut Dry Cat Food X 20 Kg
Sp Fel Adt Uri&hbc Ckn 1.5kg
Sp Fel Adt Uri&stec 1.5kg
Sp Feline Adult 400g
Sp Feline Adult Chicken 2 Kg
Sp Feline Adult Chicken 5 Kg
Sp Feline Adult Light 1.5 Kg
Sp Feline Adult Rabbit 2 Kg
Sp Feline Adult Rabbit Tuna 2 Kg
Sp Feline Hairball 1,5 Kg
Sp Feline Indoor Cat X 1.5 Kg
Sp Feline Kitten 2kg
Sp Feline Mature Senior 2 Kg
Sp Puppy Mini 3 Kg
Srensible X 400g
Sterilised 37 X 2 Kg
Sterilised 37 X 4 Kg
Sterilised 37×10 Kg
Sterilised 37×400 Kg
Stuzzycat X 100g
Sylvester Mackerel 48x170g
Sylvester Seafood Plat 48x170g
Sylvetser Tuna 48 X 170g
Taurus Bed Size 3 Winter 63x46x2
Taurus Bed Size 4 Winter 75x55x2
Taurus Bed Size 5 Winter 80x63x2
Vetzyme B Plus E X 100 Tabs
Vetzyme B Plus E X 200 Tabs
Vetzyme Conditioning Tabs X240
Vetzyme Conditioning Tabs X500
Vetzyme Ear Drops
Vetzyme Flex. Joint 30 Tablet
Vetzyme Flex. Joint 90 Tablet
Vetzyme Flex. Joint High Stre
Vetzyme H-strenght Flex30
Vetzyme Once-a-day Tablets
Vitto Cat Bocc 24x400g
Whiskas Complete X 4kg
Whiskas Chunks X 400g
Whiskas Complete X 2kg
Whiskas Pch Fshm Ch X 100g
Whiskas Tempt Beef
Woodycat Litter 25lt X 15kg
Zantel Cat & Dog 500/50 X 1tab
Zoodigest X 200ml