The domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris when considered a subspecies of the wolf or Canis familiaris when considered a distinct species) is a member of the genus Canis (canines), which forms part of the wolf-like canids, and is the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore. The dog and the extant gray wolf are sister taxa as modern wolves are not closely related to the wolves that were first domesticated, which implies that the direct ancestor of the dog is extinct. The dog was the first species to be domesticated and has been selectively bred over millennia for various behaviors, sensory capabilities, and physical attributes.

Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo

Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo

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Breed Yorkshire Terrier 7.5 Kg
100 Munchy Sticks 9-10mm/12cm
103z Dog Cage 89x60x66
104z Dog Cage 109x69x75
1604-standar Bowl 19 Cm
1605-standar Bowl 22cm
2 Half Ham Bones
2 Half Ham Bones
Esquisita Chicken Coins 100g
Esquisita Premio Stripes Light 75g
Esquisita Premio Rolls Light 75g
Premio Omega Stripes 100g
Premio Chicken Cheese 100g
Premio Duck Bites 80g
Premio Rice Chicken Balls 80
Premio Light Chicken&pollock 50g
Premio Duck Fillet Bites 50g
Rope 5 Knot 95cms
Ab 205 Pressed Bone 20C
Ab 206 Pressed Bone 25 Cm
Ab 207 Pressed Bone 30 Cm
Ab205 Rawhide Pressed Bone 20c
Acana Dog X 17kg
Acana Dog X 2kg
Ae 008 Dental Bones X 2pcs
Amity Razas Puppy 20 Kg
Amity Razas Puppy 20 Kg
Animolgy Shampoo X 250ml
Anti Bark Spray Collar
Applws Dog Tin X 156gr
Bayer Advantix Spot-on + 25 Kg
Bayer Advantix Spot-on 0-4 Kg
Bayer Advantix Spot-on 10- 25 Kg
Bayer Advantix Spot-on 4-1 Kg
Bayer Drontal Tablets Dog
Bd4001 Dog Bed
Bea Chalk Tablets
Bea Tummy Care X 100ml
Beaphar Dog Flea Collar Bliste
Bio Band Herbal Collars Dog
Blanket For Dogs
Bot.anellimignonr 40 Tm
Bowl Double
Bravo Chick/rice X 15kg
Breed Boxer 26 X 12 Kg
Breed Cavalier King Charles Junx
Breed Cavalier King Charles 7,5kg
Breed Cocker 3 Kg
Breed Jack Russel Adult X 3kg
Breed Labrador X 12 Kg
Breed Maltese Adult X 1.5 Kg
Breed Poodle X 1.5 Kg
Breed Pug 25 X 1.5 Kg
Breed Pug X 3 Kg
Breed Pug X 7,5kg ++
Breed Ragdoll X 2kg
Breed Rottweiler X 12 Kg
Breed Shih Tzu 1.5 Kg
Breed Shih Tzu X 7 .5 Kg
Breed Yorkshire Junior X 1.5 Kg
Breed Yorkshire Terrier X 50g
Brokatan Complete X 20 Kg
Butcher S Chick/ham/ricex 400g
Butcher S Lamb/rice/peas 400 G

Butcher S Tripe & Beef X 1200g
Butcher S Trippa/manzo 400 G
Bxb Treats
Canine Adult Chicken 1 Kg
Choke Chain
Cod Liver Oil Capsules X 90
Complete X 4 Kg
Contagro Adult X 20 Kg
Kennel Sprint Mini 60×50
Kennel Sprint Medium 79×50
D135 Plastic Muzzle Size 7
Daily Menu Dog X 20 Kg
Deluxe Large Bunny Bottle
Denta Fun Chewing Roll 90g
Dentafun “dog Bits” 10pcs 230g
Dentafun Doggybits Shoes 100g
Dentalmax Toothpaste 50ml
Dog & Co Chunks X 125 Gr
Dog & Co Chunks X 400 Gr
Dog & Co Maintenance 15 Kg
Dog & Co Puppy X 15 Kg
Dog Bas Prix ( Bascan) X 20 Kg
Dog Biscuits Bonbon Mix 10 Kg
Dog Biscuits Popular Mix X 10kg
Dog Boc X 1250 G
Dog Bowl Small Bruma
Dog Chow Adult Meat X 15 Kg
Dog Chow Small Breed Adult X 7.5
Dog Comb
Dog Comb Metal
Dog Comb Rotating Teeth
Dog Flea Shampoo 250ml
Dog Flea Shampoo Johnson X 125
Dog Food A.e. X 10kg
Dog Food Plus X 10kg
Dog Food X 4 Kg
Dog Maintenance
Dog Pasta X 5 Kg
Dog Pasta X 7.5 Kg
Dog Rubber Bone Yt 3455
Dr. John X 15kg
Dreamies Beef 60 G
Drinker Bowl
Easy Bag Incl 2×12 Waste Bags
Enjoy Cat X 15 Kg
Eryx Daily X 15kg
Eryx Daily X 3kg
Eryx Plus X 20kg
Eryx Puppy X 15kg
Euk Dog Ad Maint Lb 3kg
Euk Dog Ad Maint Mb 15kg
Euk Dog Ad Maint Mb 3kg
Euk Dog Ad Maint Sb 1kg
Euk Dog Ad Maint Sb 3kg
Euk Pup & Jnr Lb 3kg
Euk Pup & Jnr Mb 3kg
Euk Pup & Jnr Sb 1kg
F042 Nylon Collar 12x400mm
F043 Nylon Collar 15x450mm
F051 Nylon Collar 25x500mm
F065 Nylon Collar 25x700mm
F073 Nylon Choker 18×560
Felix Pch Jelly Mvp 10
Fiendly Puppy Chicken X 15 Kg
Flea Collar For Dogs
Friendly Puppy X 20 Kg

Frieskies Treats B Steaks 150 Gr
Frisies Treats Shapes
Friskies Dental Fresh X 110 Gr
Friskies Dog Dry X 1,5kg
Friskies Gm Dry Mer/tro/ver X 4kg
Friskies Gm Man/feg/ver 2 Kg
Friskies Gm Pol./tac/anat 2 Kg
Friskies Gm Salm/trota/ton 2 Kg
Grainea Hamka Bones X 500 G
Grainea Snack Mix X 500 G
Ham Skewers
Hl Ad X 15kg
Hl Ad X 3kg
Italian Dog Meat 24 X 405 G
Kalktabletten 225g
Kennel W/chimney Small 69
Kippy Sausages Beef X 800 G
Kippy Sausages Beef/chic 800 Gr
Kippy Sausages Lamb/rice 800 Gr
Kippy Sausages Trippa 800 Gr
Lactol Puppy X 250gr
M Iglior Boc Manzo 405G
Maxi Adult X 15 Kg
Maxi Adult X 4 Kg
Maxi Junior X 15 Kg
Maxi Starter M&b X 15 Kg
Maxi Starter M&b X 4kg
Medium Adult X 15 Kg
Medium Adult X 15 Kg
Medium Adult X 15kg
Medium Adult X 4 Kg
Medium Junion X 4kg
Medium Junior X 15 Kg
Medium Junior X 4 Kg
Medium Light X 13 Kg
Medium Light X 3.5 Kg
Medium Starter M&b X 4 Kg
Mg Pate 24x400g
Miglior Bocc Manzo 405 G
Miglior Cane Dog Croc X 15 Kg
Miglior Cane Dog Special X 15 Kg
Miglior Cane Dog Special X 4 Kg
Miglior Croc X 2 Kg
Miglior Croc X 4kg
Miglior Selvaggina 100 G
Miglior Standard Boc Selvag 405 G
Miglior Standard Pol/tac 405g
Mini Adult Beauty Wet X 195g
Mini Adult X 2 Kg
Mini Adult X 4 Kg
Mini Adult X 800 Kg
Mini Junior Wet X 195 G
Mini Junior X 2 Kg
Mini Junior X 3 Kg
Mini Junior X 8.5 Kg
Mini Junior X 800 G
Mini Light X 2 Kg
Mini Mature +8 X 2 Kg
Mini Starter M&b X 1kg
Mini Starter X 3 Kg
Mira Igloo Sanitised 42x35x35
Naxos Adult Med Chicken X 15 Kg
Naxos Adult Med Chicken X 3 Kg
Naxos Puppy Med X 14 Kg
Naxos Puppy Mini Chicken X 3 Kg
Oasy Dry Do 12kg

Oasy Dry Dog X 2.5kg
Oasy Mousse X 85kg
Optima Complete X 15kg
Orijen Dog & 2kg
Orijen Puppy X 11.4kg
Orondo Spray X 250ml
Otto Bisc Gran Fatt Mix 10kg
Parsley Novas X 100g
Pate Amoroso X 1kg
Pd Premium X 400gr
Pedigree Dental Stix Lrg X 28
Pedigree Dentalsix Sml X 28
Pedigree Dentalstix Med X 28
Pedigree Dry X 3kg
Pedigree Jumbone 4x8x180g
Pedigree Mixed Chunks 24x400gr
Pedigree Treat Biscrok 12x500g
Pedigree X 15 Kg
Pig Ears
Pressed Bone 10
Pressed Bone 6
Pressed Bone 8
Prima Eggfood X 15 Kg
Prin Natures Power X 200g
Prin Pouch 70g Tun/chic Yellow
Prince Dog 415 Tripe E Lamb
Prince Dog 415gr Beef
Prince Dog 415gr Chick & Turke
Prince Dog 415gr Fish
Prince Dog Pate 400gr
Prince Doggo’s X 150gr
Prince Grain Free Energy 4 Kg
Prince Grain Free Fitness 4 Kg
Prince Pate Dog 150 Gr Chicken
Prince Pate Dog 330g Chick 18
Prince Premium
Prince Puppy 4kg
Prince Vitality-mixed 20 Kg
Pro Breeder Daily X 20 Kg
Pro Plan Adult Sensitive 14Kg
Pro Plan All Medium Adult 3Kg
Pro Plan All Size Light 3Kg
Prof Dog Pollo X 15 Kg
Rich & Tasty Bones X 10 Kg
Sanal Dog Chocolate Drops 250
Shesir Dog 40x150g
Smaily Adult Maintenance X 20kg
Smoked Bone 20/22 Cm
Sp Ca Adt Nog Ckn 2kg
Sp Ca Adt Nog Ckn 800g
Sp Canine Adult Chicken 3 Kg
Sp Canine Adult Mini 3 Kg
Sp Canine Adult Chicken 2.5Kg
Sp Canine Puppy Mini 1 Kg
Sp Canine Sensitive Skin
Sp Canine Sensitive Stomach 3k
Sp Puppy Chicken 1 Kg
Treats Biscuits X 10kg
Trixie-drops X 75gr
Valman Sausages Beef X 200
Valman Sausages Chicken X 200
Vitto Dog Bocc Manzo 12x1250g
Vitto Dog Bocc 24x400g
X-small Adult X 1.5kg
X-small Junior X 1.5kg
X-small Junior X 500g