Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo

Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo
Grimana LTD Ix-Xewkijia Gozo

Our Products List

Absorbine Gel X 340gr
Arist-o-tray+border Jumbo
Arrigoni Rastrello
Art Sportiv Plus Collar 20mm
Art Sportiv Plus Collar 25mm
Art Sportiv Plus Collar,10mm
Art Sportiv Plus Collar,15m
Art Sportiv Plus Collar,20mm
Art Sportiv Plus Collar,40mm
Art Sportiv Plus Harness 15mm
Art Sportiv Plus Harness 20mm
Art Sportiv Plus Harness 25mm
Art Sportiv Plus Harness 25mm
Art Sportiv Plus 10mm 100cm
Art Sportiv Plus 10mm 100cm Bl
Art Sportiv Plus 15mm 100cm Red
Art Sportiv Plus 20mm 100cm Nig
Art Sportiv Plus 25mm 100cm Bla
Art Sportiv Plus 25mm 100cm Red
B409 Id Metal Tube
B523/l Display By 75 Rolls Poop
B821 Linera Comb Chrome 19cms
B833 Double Sided Comb Anti-st
B834 Dog Combs Anti-static
B842 Double Sided Cat Comb
B843 Alt.teeth Cat Comb Wood H
Biocide Anti-parasite Pipettes
Biocide Collar Dog 38cm
Biocide Collar Dog 75cm
Biocide Lotion 200ml
Biocide Powder 200ml
Biocide Shampoo 200ml
Bristle + Pin Brush W/handle
C Clip Standard & Large X 1kg
C795 Coolimg Mattress Solid Gel
C795 Cooling Mattress Solid Gel
Car Seat Barrier
Cat Bowl Inox
Chain 4mm 55cm Chrome Plated
Chain 4mm 60cm Chrome Plated
Chain Lead
Chew'n Snack Duetto
Chick Feeder 1kg W/screw
Chick'n & Fish Snack Sandwich
Chick'n Snack - Calcium Bone
Chick'n Snack Pineaplle Wrap
China Cage 42x25x50cm
China Cage Med Slanted Roof
Claw Guillotine 12.5cm
Claw Shearer Prof. 3cm
Cushion, Square Tray Grey
Dish 2500ml 20cm
Dish Stainless Steel Rubber
Dish Stainless Steel Rubber
Displain Chain Sausages
Duetto Chicken&cheese S 6pcs
Finger Tootbrush
Flash Leash Rechargable
Flexi Compact 2 5m Up To 25kg
Flexi Compact Size 3
Flexi New Classic Belf S Blue 5 M
Flexi Vario Med 20kg
Flexiband Strips X 1kg
Fop Parrot Chain
Fox Clipper
Fpc Paw Protection Balm 100ml
Get Off Spray 500ml
Glass Aviary Fountain/feeder11
Hamster Cage 10
Hamster Cage 46x29x48 Cm
Head Collar Supreme Size 1
Head Collar Supreme Size 2
Hedgehog Ball, Vinyl, 18cm
Hedgehog Ball, Vinyl,  10cm
Hedgehog Ball, Vinyl,  12cm
Hi426 Padded Nylon Collar
Hi428 Padded Nylon Collar
Hi430 Padded Nylon Lead

Hi431 Padded Nylon Lead
Hi432 Padded Nylon Lead
Hi891 Padded Nylon Collar 19mm
Hi895 Padded Nylon Collar 25mm
Hi896 Padded Nylon Collar 25mm
Hi898 Padded Nylon Lead 25mx
Hippo Drinkers 460
Hopper For Bucks
Jfc Mlc01 Mineral Lick Holder Bl
Kolrat Tablet 28x19cm
Kruuse Disp Needle 21gx1.5
La070 Eye Wipes Display Box
La160 Cat Litter Deodoriser Spray
La305 Keep Off Spray X 500ml
Lead Rope Supreme Panic Hook
Lead Supreme Panic Hook
Libra Hydro Blu 3516 Small Bed 4
Light Collar
Lindo Cip Bird Sand X 5kg
Liokill X 5ltrs
Max Bio Shampoo X 200gr
Max Bio Spray X 200ml
Max Clipper 2 Speed
Mosacid X 100gr
Mouse Glue Trap G1 (small)
Mouse Trap Cage
Multiple Catch Trap Green
Multiple Catch Trap Plastic
Muta Vit 25g
My Cat Cottage Only
Myzzus X 250ml
Nail Clipper Guillotine Luxe
Nail Clipper Large
Nail Clipper Small
Nail Scissors
Needle Teeth 15ins Pruning Saw
Neem Oil Dog Collar
Neem Oil Spray Lotion Protection
Neodetersol Vetro Kg
Neopridimet Oral Solution
Nest Felts In Jute X 10pcs
Nesting Mat. Abita - Charpie 50gr
Nesting Mat.abita - Mix 300gr
Nettes Strong Lodine Pump
Nettex Citronella Coat Spray
New Travel Dog - Pet Carry Bag
Nylon Muzzle Size 0
Nylon Muzzle Size 1
Nylon Muzzle Size 2
Nylon Muzzle Size 3
Nylon Muzzle Size 4
Nylon Muzzle Size 5
Nylon Muzzle Size 8
Olba Poultry Tube Feeder X 10kg
Olba Poultry Tube Feeder X 1kg
Olba Poultry Tube Feeder X 3kg
Olba Poultry Tube Feeder X 6kg
Olba Poultryplastic Drinker X 10kg
Olba Poultryplastic Drinker X 1kg
Olba Poultryplastic Drinker X 3kg
Olba Poultryplastic Drinker X 6kg
Oro Bath X 50g
Oster Mane & Tail Brush Blue
P- 6 Abs Drinker For Horses
P15 Parrots X 1000gr
P2 Compost
Packing Tube Net 1000m Roll
Padded Nylon Dog Collar
Padium X 250ml
Pads Pet
Pali Galvanized
Parakeet Ladder
Parakeet Nest Wooden Zg7
Parr. Feeder Wire Holder 12.5cm
Parr. Feeder Wire Holder 15cm
Parrot Cage 53x52x156cm
Parrot Cage Open Top
Parrot Cage Zinc

Parrot Feeder Wire Holder 7cm
Pe - Natural Film L170 X 500m
Peat Substrate Mks 300
Perch 1mtr X 2kg
Perch Endings 10/12mm
Perch Swing Chrome Canaries
Perfume X 100ml
Perfumed/clumping Litter 20kg
Perfumed/clumping Litter 5kg
Perlite X 100lt
Perlite X 2ltr
Pet Carrier Gipsy 46x31x32h
Pet Pad 60x60cm X 10pcs
Pet Pad 60x90cm X 10pcs
Pet Toys Yt3392
Petface Toys
Pheromone Lure Ceratisis
Phostrogen 80 Cans + 50% Free
Picassiette Feeder
Pig Napples S/s 1/2 X 72mm
Pigeon Drinker X 7ltrs
Pin Hook Large
Pin Hook Medium
Pin Hook Small 12mm
Pin Hook Super
Pipe 50 Pn16
Plantafol 10-54-10
Plastic Cage Large
Plastic Cage Lrg W/canvas Top
Plastic Cage Sml W/canvas Top
Plastic Chick Drinker X 5lt
Plastic Chick Drinker X 750ml
Plastic Floor Model D
Plastic Nest W/steel Border
Plastic Pigeon Feeder X 50cm
Plastic Pigeon Feeder X 75cm
Plastic Pipe Per Meter - 50m
Plastic Rabbit Feeders
Plastinc Planting Bag 10x10x30
Plug 10mm
Plug 3mm
Plug Comp.40
Plug Taper. 40
Plume Spray X 100ml
Polimask 102 Harness Only
Pooh Bags
Porcimark Marking Spray X 400ml
Pot Campana
Pot Etrusco
Pot Terme Terracotta
Power Pressure Washer
Pp Woven Sacks 50x85cm
Pressed Bone 5cm 9-10gr
Pressure Sprayer 1.5ltr
Pressure Sprayer 1ltr
Pressure Sprayer 2ltr
Princess Silica Litter Large
Protect Extruded Wax Block 1kg
Protect Extruded Wax Block 3kg
Rabbit - Elbow For Drinking Pipe
Rabbit - Gate Springs 3cm
Rabbit - Nipples Extensions 6cm
Rabbit - Nipples Extensions 9cm
Rabbit - Offtake With Brass Nut
Rabbit - Plastic Drinker
Rabbit - Wire Mesh 3/4 X 3/4
Rabbit - Zinc Feeder Large
Rabbit - Zinc Feeder Small
Rabbit Cage 60
Rabbit Cage Art10
Rabbit Ceramic Bowl 11.5cm
Rabbit Nest Plastic
Rabbit Plastic Nest
Radifarm X 1ltr
Rat & Mouse Glue Trap G2 Large
Rat Traps Cage Medium
Ratan E Grano X 600g
Rec Mouse Trap 21cm

Reflective Safety Blanket 145cm
Reflective Tail Guard
Reflective Tape 50mm X 100mt
Relaxation Floor No2
Rex Clipper
Ritmus X 250cc
Rocfos Pk X 1.4kg
Roller With Bell 60pcs
Rome Ii 40x40x108
Rucksack, Neoprene, Black Blue
Safe 4 Ready To Use Disinfectant
Sanicat Aloa Vera 7 Days - 4lt
Saucer Ducale
Saucer Siena
Shampoo Princess And Prince
Shaws Citrus Shampoo 500ml X6
Shaws Parapet Shampoo 500ml
Show Lead, Nylon,1.20m/10mm
Show Leash, Flat Red, 5mm
Silage Black/white Film 11mx50
Silent Whistle
Silica Gel X 15l/7kg
Sodium Chloride Drip Bottle X 1ltr
Sportiv Plus Harness 10mm
Stainless Steel Bowl App. 11cm
Stainless Steel Bowl Appr. 22cm
Stainless Steel Bowl Appr. 26cm
Toffe Plastic Bed X 66cm
Toffe Plastic Bed X 80cm
Toffe Plastic Bed X 94cm
Toffee Plastic Bed X 48cm
Metal Dust Pa2 Balls On A Rope 4.5cm
Chicken On Elastic Band 20 Cm
Sheep On Elastic Band 20 Cm
Squirrel With Catnip 9 Cm
Worm, Plush/fabric 13cm
Tr2502 Rubber Toy
Tr2509 Rubber Toy
Tr6509 - Pet Rubber Toy
Travel Crate 8
Tray + Border 42cm
Tray + Border 50cm
Tripcom X 250ml
Trough Versilia + S. Cm.60
Trough Versilia + S. Cm.80
Tyvek White Coverall Xl
Ultrastop Pests 230v
Urea 46% X 40kg
Van Cat - Scented Litter X10kg
Van Cat - Scented Litter X20kg
Var15f Card Address Carrier
Vaso Imperia 25cm
Velvet Coat Spray Pump X 150ml
Velvet Flea Collar Cat X 10
Venocan Plus Iv Cathetergy 16g
Vermiculite No.2 X 100ltr
Vermiculite No.2 X 2ltr
Versus Atoxic Hose 1" X 50m
Vetzyme Jds Shampoo X 250ml
Vinyl Toy Football Dumbell 14cm
Volare 50ml
Voyager Lux Large
Water Pail 9lt Galvanised
Water Tank Outlets X 10mm
Wet Wipes
White Rake Handle
Woodchips Plain X 1kg
Wooden Buzz Brooms
Wooden Perch With Mirror
Yellow Drystick Sticky Traps
Yellow Drystick Traps 10 X 25cm
Yellow Rockies X 5kg
Zappa Bono X 700grams & Handle
Zappun & Handle
Zetor X 1ltr