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Gozo SPCA awarded funds for free veterinary services

Gozo SPCA is one of eleven NGOs to receive funding to a combined total of €25,000.

Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights Clint Camilleri said that this “first € 25,000” in funding is going to NGOs to take care of animal welfare.

Clint Camilleri said that “everyone knows that the protection of animals is a priority for this government” and explained how having in 2018 it launched the free veterinary services scheme for NGOs, and today they have began to receive the first funds.

He added that the aim of this measure is to provide free veterinary assistance to voluntary organisations active in this field.

He mentioned that during this year, a further € 80,000 will being given to NGOs for free veterinary services and will be utilised by the APH Veterinary Hospital for providing more complex diagnostic procedures, operations and hospitalisation / intensive critical care.

This service an only be provided at this animal hospital and patients will be referred by the NGO’s veterinarian until the funds are exhausted.

The eleven NGOs benefiting from this fund are Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines, Island Sanctuary Association, National Cat Society, Association For Abandoned Animals, Noah’s Ark Foundation, C.L.A.W.S, Animal Care Malta, SPCA Malta, Stray Animals Support Group, Gozo SPCA, and Love For Strays Malta.

Clint Camilleri said that these NGOs will benefit from the full amount without the unnecessary administrative costs. This means that the method of allocating funds is easier, takes less time and is accountable.

He said that the funds were allocated after information provided by animal sanctuaries had been audited and certified to be correct. Thereby eliminating any type of possible abuse.

NGOs are allocated a lump sum according to the number of animals and this was verified with the microchip database. The Parliamentary Secretary said that the method of the distribution of funds was also considered fair and reasonable by the NGOs themselves.