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Petting farm and facilities for Animal Welfare and Gozo SPCA announced

Minister for Gozo, Justyne Caruana, has announced that works underway on the first phase of the masterplan for an Experimental Farm in Xewkija as announced in the last budget.

She said that the Government is investing €4000,000 in the project and it is anticipated that the first phase will be ready for the second half of this year.

Dr Caruana explained how this masterplan will be phased in and this first part will be for the benefit of the public in general as is the vision of the Ministry for Gozo to give back spaces to be enjoyed by families.

This phase includes among others – a petting farm, dog park, animal encounters and a butterfly enclosure. These facilities are being made available for the first time in Gozo.

Dr Caruana said that, they will be a new and innovative attraction for Gozo families where children and families can visit together to enjoy a wonderful environment, where they can learn about animals while also having a chance to interact with them.

The Minister said that the animals in the Petting Farm will include horses, rabbits, peacocks, dogs, sheep and goats. Among other principal attractions will also be a Butterfly Enclosure and Dog Park.

Another phase of the Experimental Farm masterplan will see a cross-section of Animal Welfare and Gozo SPCA – a voluntary organisation for the protection of animals, so that they will have modern facilities from which to operate.

“Through this phase there will be modern buildings which are well equipped, and will further improve the service already being provided by the Ministry for Gozo in relation to the protection of animals,” explained Dr Caruana.

“These are new projects for Gozo and will continue to increase and improve the services which are already available. In addition, these services will help educate our families about the care and protection of animals,” Minister Caruana said.

Other spaces to be enjoyed by the public are being actioned, with work started on the regeneration of Tal-Gordon Lighthouse including the surrounding area, and later this year there will be the regeneration of Ulysses Grove.